Tips for a first-time weed smoker

Tips for a first-time weed smoker

Some people say smoking weed for the first time does not feel anything while to others; it is the best euphoria they have ever experienced. Whatever the effect, smoking marijuana for the first time can be climatic, uneventful, scary, fun and even confusing. So, if you have finally decided to mail order cannabis, follow these tips and you will enjoy your first time.

Buy weed. For you to smoke marijuana, you have to first get your hands on some. For your first time, the highest quality is the only weed to try. Do in-depth research of the different types of marijuana namely, indica, sativa, and hybrid and depending on the effects you want. Once, you know the strain you wish to use, order marijuana online in Ottawa from a dependable weed dealer.

Ensure you inhale. Inhaling is the only way you will experience the euphoria associated with smoking weed. If you do not feel like you are getting high, know you are not inhaling the cannabis. Hence, ensure the smoke fills your lungs until you feel transformed for maximum enjoyment.

Hydrate. Unless you want to be extremely dehydrated and feel weak, ensure you drink a lot of water. Experts recommend that you should consume about seventeen gallons of water in a single night of getting high to keep your body healthy and avoid having a dry mouth.

Be surrounded by the right people. It is probably the most important tip you should observe when smoking weed for the first time. There is nothing that ruins an experience as being in the company of strangers or people who pressure you to smoke more than you can stand. Be around your most trusted friends for this first experience to help you feel comfortable and enjoy the experience.

Your first experience smoking weed should be one that you enjoy, and by following these tips, you are sure of having the best first-time experience.

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